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“Demos are great!”

David Perry – game developer / entrepreneur

“Just listened to the new cues. Brilliant, man brilliant.  (Stealing Time) Can’t wait for more. Its the highlight of my day.” “Perfect Richard.. It sounds amazing! It sounds great. Wow! Love it!” (upon completion) “Well done! It is really (a) job well done. I am very proud of you… you are very talented.. and the music is awesome.”

Anton Ernst – producer

“Outstanding! (Stealing Time) Haunting images, haunting music! Keep composing! You’re really good!”
Darrell Roodt – Oscar-nominated director


“Today I got to fall in love again. I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s true! Movies in post-production can have many big bumps in the road, and we are no exception… but then I got to see the movie in it’s entirety with THE SCORE (The Dark) (not just bits over the internet) The beautiful Richard Altenbach ORIGINAL SCORE…..It was like watching my child graduate from the awkward braces & glasses phase into the scary-hot smile and contacts phase. As I watched it in his studio, as he intended, with HIS speaker system….just awesome… THANK YOU Richard for giving me the chance to fall in love again with this movie!!!!!  You are CRUSHING IT!!!!  Have I told you that you are AWESOME lately??”

Christina Marie – director

“Ok, that’s just downright beautiful (Stefan’s Song). Especially the last part really took my breath away….man that’s one EPIC minute…THAT minute, Richard, is awe-some…this is the perfect way to end it (ending of an epic scene).”

Stefan Strandberg – game audio director


“Your cue (The Mustang Rides Free) … Gorgeous!”

Richard Bellis – TV & film composer, ex-President ASCAP


“Wonderful stuff, Richard.  Terrific work!!  (the Killing of Mary Surratt) Oooooh. Really nice.  It’s getting closer to the “giving me chills” stage, which is always a great thing…ending is exquisite! 🙂 … Yes, yes, yes, that is perfect, Richard! These versions are just terrific …You rock!”

Chris King – filmmaker


“I cannot thank you enough.  The music is beautiful & creepy & del Toro-ish & Burton-ish  (Unbroken).  You have exceeded my expectations… I thank you from the bottom of my heart-only a super-talented pro like you could have put this together so quickly!  As usual, Richard, you give me goose-bumps…”

Christina Marie – director


” Hi Richard…I listened to your Bidwell’s Path and it’s really good! Nice piece of music, and nice arrangement in global. Keep on going, it’s better and better…”

Didier Lord – game audio director


“I love your work. You’re a great composer…”

George Antonopoulos – producer / director


” Hi Richard – I would like to discuss what you can offer. Spent some time checking out your website and I liked what I heard… Good stuff.”

Victor Rodriguez – game audio director


“I really enjoyed listening through the various examples of your work. The quality of your composition is quite evident, as is your originality and unique style. Plus, you clearly have the ability to compose in a range of styles without compromising quality. I really like the track (Bidwell’s Path), it’s absolutely lovely – and pure quality.”

Stuart Duffield – game audio director


“Super special thanks again to Richard – such an uplifting day (hearing the score).  You are a TRUE professional and A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Talent!!!”

Christina Marie – director


“My Dear Richard, just listened to your music. Imagination, free spirit, great sense of humor, wonderful sound collages and of course the influences of the great ones.
Dear Richard, wonderful, creative, thoughtful musician…
Thank you”

Haim Shtrum – composer, studio violinist